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Reading Early American Handwriting

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Quick Overview

Reading Early American Handwriting
By Kip Sperry

Learn how to accurately read and decipher old handwriting and script. Discover new clues about your ancestors.

Format: Paperback
Size: 8½" x 11"
Pages: 289


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Reading Early American Handwriting
Reading Documents
Writing Implements, Ink and Paper
Handwriting Styles
Transcribing Documents

Chapter 2. Guidelines for Reading Old Documents
Research Guidelines and Materials
Guidelines for Reading in Context
Gazetteers and Maps
Guidelines for Common Phrases
Trouble Spots
Practice is Important
Guidelines for Spelling Variants
Guidelines to Handwriting Variations and Transcribing
Guidelines for Capitalization and Punctuation

Chapter 3. Abbreviations and Contractions

Chapter 4. Terms

Chapter 5. Numbers and Roman Numerals
Roman Numerals
Example Roman Numerals

Chapter 6. Dates and the Calendar Change

Chapter 7. Sample Alphabets and Handwriting Styles
Sample Alphabets
British and Early American Alphabet
Letter Forms Found in American Handwriting 1640-1790
Seventeenth Century Alphabet

Chapter 8. Accreditation and Certification

Appendix A. Using Archives and Record Repositories
Using Archives
Record Repositories

Appendix B. The Internet and Compact Discs
The Internet
Compact Discs
Internet Search Tools
Internet Websites


Documents and Transcriptions